The Yulin Dog Meat Festival and our double standards


I strongly condemn today’s slaughter of thousands of dogs for the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in the southern Chinese province of Guangxi. Some dogs are being boiled alive, some are being beaten to death, and some are being skinned alive. All dogs suffer, more than anybody ever should, and all are eaten. Continue reading “The Yulin Dog Meat Festival and our double standards”

Witnessing evil

A few months ago, I was on a motorcycle trip from my hometown in Germany to Cape Town in South Africa. While passing through the East African country of Tanzania, I encountered a packed bus, presumably on the way to Dar es Salaam. The bus had just passed me at considerable speed when I see a group of young goats at a distance of a few hundred meters slowly crossing the highway. There is no other traffic and one can clearly see the inexperienced animals, least bothered by the approaching danger. Continue reading “Witnessing evil”