Postcards from the Middle East and North Africa

This page contains a collection of postcards from Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, the United Arab Emirates, and Western Sahara. To find postcards from regions of the world other than the Middle East and North Africa, please click here.

🇩🇿 Algeria

Les Touaregs, berbères autochtones, restent attachés à un grand nombre de traditions ancestrales et culturelles
Fête traditionnelle du tapis, Ghardaïa

🇪🇬 Egypt

Giza Necropolis, Giza
Abu Simbel
Great Sphinx of Giza, Giza

🇮🇷 Iran

Gate of All Nations, Persepolis, Fars
Golden griffin rhyton, Iran Bastan Museum, Tehran
Interior decorations of the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Shiraz

🇮🇱 Israel


🇯🇴 Jordan

Qusair Amra

🇰🇼 Kuwait


🇱🇧 Lebanon

Parliament Square, Beirut

🇲🇦 Morocco

The Koutoubia Mosque, Marrakech
Kasbah of the Udayas, Rabat
La Koutoubia, La Menara & Porteurs d’eau, Marrakech

🇴🇲 Oman

A view of the Wahiba Sands
Dates of Oman
Muttrah Souk
Palm leaf house of Bedu at Sharqiya

🇶🇦 Qatar


🇸🇦 Saudi Arabia

Multi view

🇹🇳 Tunisia

Sahara oasis

🇦🇪 United Arab Emirates

Wahat Al Karama, Abu Dhabi
Burj Al Arab, Dubai
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi
Wahat Al Karama, Abu Dhabi

🇪🇭 Western Sahara

Nomads’ tents in the heart of the desert
Teacher and pupils reading the Quran
Souvenir shop
Meseied Oasis
The ritual tea under the tent
Kneeling camel