Bangla translation of Tom Regan’s The Philosophy of Animal Rights published

Dyu Publication, a Dhaka-based press, published a Bangla translation of Tom Regan‘s The Philosophy of Animal Rights (ISBN: 978-984-93197-6-4; English original available here), which offers an accessible and compelling introduction to the philosophy of animal rights. This is the first time any of Regan’s work has been translated into Bangla.

The translation was done by Palash Kanti Biswas, and edited by Hasna Begum, Shahid SumonDipen Bhattacharya, and Anjon Acharya. The Culture and Animals Foundation published and distributed the English original and has given permission for the translation. The overall project was managed by Rainer Ebert and Dipen Bhattacharya.

The book will be used for animal ethics-themed academic events and in educational outreach campaigns by animal advocacy organizations in Bangladesh. Free copies are being distributed to the following organizations:

If you would like to get a copy, you can contact either one of the above-listed organizations, or me.

The translation is also available online at

The publication would not have been possible without donations from a number of generous donors, including Alexandra Breunig, Anisul M. Islam, Ankit Sethi, Delwar Ahmed, Hadidd Ahmed, Margit Ebert, Mugdho Sapiens, Mylan Engel, Jr., Preeam Ghosh, Raad Rahman, Rainer Ebert, Rhianna Lynch, Ronobir Sarker, Safa Haque, Shuvadittya Saha, Sonja Germscheid, and Tamzid Karim.