Media Outreach

Philosophy can help people to think more clearly and critically about social & policy issues, and I believe that philosophers have a responsibility to work to achieve a broader presence of philosophy in public life.

I try to do my part by giving lectures to the public, working with high school students (e.g., as an Ethics Bowl coach & judge), and engaging with the media.

I have been interviewed in newspapers, and on radio & television, and my op-eds & other articles on topics such as

anti-homosexuality legislation, same-sex marriage, homophobia & transgender rights,

veganism & animal rights,

everyday racism, anti-refugee sentiment & open borders,

legal restrictions on religious freedom, religious tolerance, blasphemy & atheism,

free speech & censorship,

capital punishment,

child labor & child marriage,

and world poverty

have been published in print and online newspapers in

Australia, Bangladesh, Denmark, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

A common theme of much of my op-ed writing is the importance of individual freedom.

You can find a selection of media clippings here.